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Оренбург harley davidson harley parts купить

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Harley Quinn, psychiatrist turned psychopath, is the killer cutie you can’t help but love. She’s always been unfailingly loyal to her true love and inspiration, the Joker. So what does she do when her puddin’ betrays her? She hits the town—hard, with a mallet! Now that she’s single, Harley’s having the time of her life, whether she’s two-timing Two-Face or throwing a slumber party for the likes of Catwoman and Poison Ivy. Plus, a sidekick no longer, Harley’s formed her very own gang of henchmen—the Quinntets—and she’s about to become a crime boss the likes of which Gotham City has never seen!

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Автор на обложке: Karl Kesel
Издательство: DC Comics
ISBN: 9781401276423
Год выпуска: 2017
Количество страниц: 216